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Ellie’s Rabbitry is a Proud Member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, The North American Lionhead Rabbit Club and the National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club.

Specializing in Mini Plush Lops, show quality English Angoras and show quality Lionheads.

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Now accepting deposits for June and August 2017 Mini Plush Lop waiting list!

               Welcome to Ellie’s Rabbitry, specializing in true Mini Plush Lops, one of the most unique, rare and beautiful rabbit breeds that SHEDS LESS! I am a small scale breeder located in Lexington Kentucky, striving to produce healthy, friendly, quality Mini Plush Lops with exceptional body confirmation, fur and color. Mini Plush Lops are papered specialty pets prized for their velvet like fur, small size and docile temperament. Also breeding Lionheads and English Angoras! Both are very unique and adorable rabbit breed! Please see “Lionheads” or “English Angora’s page for more information.

              If your looking for a quiet, low maintenance, affordable and adorable pet, a Mini Plush Lop might be just the critter for you! Please read my “Sales Agreement” before inquiring about purchasing a bunny. Please check out my “Rabbit Care” page and “About Mini Plush Lops” page to learn more about Mini Plush Lops and care. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions or want to be put on a waiting list!

I have been very fortunate to purchase my Mini Plush Lops from a breeder who bought Devie D’Anniballe’s, the creator of the Mini Plush Lop, original breeding stock. Don’t be fooled, a True Mini Plush lop is not simply a cross between a Holland Lop and Mini Rex. There are a total of 4 breeds that were selectively bred for their desirable traits over a 12 year period to produce the true Mini Plush Lop. There are only a couple breeders dedicated to producing quality Mini Plush Lops that have original stock from the Devie D’Anniballe herd. If you live outside of the state of Kentucky, you will likely not find a reputable breeder near you. The Mini Plush lop is in extremely high demand because of their very small size, friendly temperament and incredibly velvety fur that sheds less. And of course, their lopped ears! If interested in purchasing a Mini Plush Lop, please contact me so you can have your own to enjoy! I do offer shipping for those who do not live within driving distance to Kentucky. Please see “Sales Agreement” page for more details.

Mini Plush Lops make an excellent first pet for children, lower maintenance and sweet pet for older folks and a perfect pet for everyone in between. If proper care is given to a Mini Plush Lop they can live up to 12 years. Many find it surprising how social and active a pet bunny can be. Mini Plush Lops don’t simply sit in a cage all day. They enjoy playing outside their cages with toys, exploring their surroundings, napping and of course, spending quality time with their people. The more you interact with a Mini Plush Lop the more social they will become and the more fun both you and your bunny will have together. Learn more about having a pet bunny on the bottom of the “About Mini Plush Lops” page.

I pride myself in responsible breeding. I maintain a very clean and organized rabbtiry with very healthy, happy rabbits. Each have names not numbers, each receives care specific to their individual needs and every single bunny in my barn is a loved pet. I believe it is my personal responsibility to take excellent care, not only of each of my rabbits but the breed as a whole. Mini Plush Lops are a new breed and in my opinion a very special one. There are very few people breeding, improving and maintaining this breed which is why I do my best to take great care if each of my bunnies. I have an open door policy, meaning I don’t mind buyers coming to my home to pick up their babies. I appreciate people coming by to see where their bunnies are raised and the care they receive.

I am not associated, partnered with or work along side any other rabbitries.

Mini Plush Lop Rabbits in 4-H

Attention 4-H’rs: You can take Mini Plush Lops to the fair! This breed is not yet accepted by the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association,) but you are still able to show them. They are just not able to participate in any ARBA judged breed shows. Hopefully, the ARBA will recognize the Mini Plush Lop breed in the future. Be one of the first to participate in 4-H with a Mini Plush Lop!

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