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About the Lionhead:

The Lionhead rabbit breed is one of the newest breeds accepted by the ARBA. Belgian breeder Ronny de Clerq began breeding Lionheads in the 1970’s from a genetic mutation that causes the growth of a long “mane” around the head and sometimes around the legs and rump of the rabbit. Through a selective breeding program the mutation was developed and perfected until the Lionhead rabbit was created. This unique breed was imported to the United States in 2000. A year later, in 2001, the North American Lionhead Rabbit Club was organized, and thus, the Lionhead began taking America by storm. Over 200 rabbits competed at the club’s very first show, held in 2003.

The Lionhead is a small breed of rabbit, weighing 3-3/4 pounds. A compact, medium build with a short, broad and well-rounded body is desired. Upright ears and soft, medium length body hair and a soft mane of wool (2-3 inches long) is what makes the Lionhead truly unique and adorable!


                IMG_0256                               harlequin lionhead kit



Meet some of Ellie’s Rabbitries Lionheads!


Oppie is a beautiful Blue Eyed White Lionhead! Show quality and papered, Oppie has been an awesome contribution to Ellie’s Rabbitry’s Lionhead breeding program.

13516509_1109573512399190_1265176232763722971_n[1]IMG_0239 IMG_0241 IMG_0242


Loretta Lynn:

Loretta Lynn is an awesome Sable Point with a beautiful main and face! She is a show quality, papered Lionhead with an excellent pedigree.




Oscar is a Siamese Sable Lionhead with the best personality! He is very calm and friendly. He passes his sweetness on to his babies!

Below are some past babies in their new homes:

13516385_1109576882398853_6331292010935931982_n[1] 13103470_1073853175971224_2743262638457426853_n[1]


13240489_1089912634365278_8403100340418781959_n[1]Click the below link to see one of Oscar and Loretta Lynn’s babies walking on a leash!

Lionhead Care, Feed and Grooming:

Lionhead’s require more grooming than a typical rabbit. Regular brushing is necessary to prevent their mane from matting. Lionheads also need their nails trimmed monthly or as needed. An excellent food pellet choice is Manna Pro’s GRO formula with 18% protein. Lionheads only need 1/3 cup of pellets per day, access to fresh water and unlimited timothy hay. Below is a photo of a metal fine toothed comb needed to properly groom your Lionheads main, it can be found at a Petco or PetSmart.  Lionheads are happy in a plastic bottomed cage or wire cage. They can also learned to be litter trained! See for more information on litter training.

Plastic bottomed cage, great for indoors
Grooming Comb

Treats you CAN feed your Lionhead:

Keep in mind these are treats and should be fed in small portions, preferably NOT every day.

  • Summer squash
  • Zucchini squash
  • Carrots
  • Apple (any variety, without stem and seeds)
  • Cherries (any variety, without the pits)
  • Pear
  • Peach
  • Plum (without the pits)
  • Kiwi
  • Papaya
  • Mango
  • Berries (any type)
  • Pineapple (remove skin)
  • Banana, both fresh and unsweetened banana chips
  • Melons (without the pits)
  • Apricot
  • Nectarine
  • Old fashioned oats

Things NOT to feed your Lionhead:

As a general rule, you shouldn’t feed your rabbit lettuce, spinach or cabbage, it contains lactucarium, which can give your rabbit diarrhea so bad that it becomes fatal. It also causes bunnies to bloat and unfortunately they cant pass gas!

Parsnips, potato, and tomato leaves and vegetables that contain higher levels of oxalic acid (like spinach, mustard greens, and parsley) can be dangerous. Onions, leeks and chives can cause blood abnormalities

Do not feed your rabbit any types of flowers, breads or cereals, sweets meant for people and meat. Avoid straw and alfalfa. Timothy hay and mixed grass hay should be the only roughage your bunny eats.

Rabbits can be fixed! In fact, the best pet rabbits, either bucks or doe’s have been neutered or spayed. This makes them very easy to work with. They no longer have any territorial issues meaning there is no possibility that they will spray. Neutering your rabbit also lengthens their life expectancy. A well cared for neutered rabbit has the potential to live as long as a dog, 8-12 years. You can have more than one neutered buck hopping around your house with no issues. You can find more information on neutering your rabbit here:

Lionhead Sales Agreement:

Please read my sales agreement before inquiring about a rabbit.  If a rabbit is purchased it will be assumed that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement. This policy applies to anyone who purchase’s a rabbit whether they choose to read the agreement or not.

First come first serve. I have several breeding does and I never know exactly what color or gender their kits will be. So, the sooner I get your deposit the higher up on the list you will be, allowing you to have more choices when it comes to color and gender! I will not promise a rabbit to anyone until I have received their deposit!

Deposits are made by check or money order and sent to my home address. Once a deposit is received it will be cashed within one week. The remaining amount for a bunny is due at the time of pick up. Deposit receipts are emailed only. Deposits are $40 PER rabbit. This amount is subtracted off the total, it is not an extra charge.

Please contact me to inquire about a bunny and I will forward you my mailing address to send a deposit.

Pick Up: Once a buyer and I discuss a convenient pick up date, if the buyer does not pick up their Lionhead within 7 days I will have to award the rabbit to the next person on my waiting list. Deposits are not refunded. If a buyer is not able to pick up their bunny within a week of weaning age I can hold a bunny for a small daily fee to cover food and care costs as long as it is previously planned beforehand.

The remainder of the cost of the bunny after deposit is due at pick up and will only be accepted in cash or money order form! Unfortunately bad checks are a possibility which is why I can only accept the remainder of the cost with a check or money order.



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