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Baby from past litter

Mini Plush Lop UPDATE: 12/12/2017

Now taking deposits for Easter 2018 Mini Plush Lops!

Now Taking Deposits for February 2018 Holland Lops!

Now Taking deposits for February 2018 Lionhead babies!

If interested contact ASAP to hold a spot on the waiting list! Please read “Sales Agreement” page before inquiring.

Baby from past litter

Ellie’s Rabbitry is not selling Mini Plush Lop breeding pairs at this time.

Baby from past litter

More pictures, videos and updates on Ellie’s Rabbitry Facebook Page:

Discounted bunnies are offered for sale via my facebook page. Check my page often for discount babies (Discounted bunnies are typically over 6 months of age, bigger than 4 ibs. or whos ears don’t completely fall.) I Also do birth announcements and offer Holland Lop, English Angora and Lionhead babies for sale on my Facebook page. Link is above.

Baby from past litter

How buyers on waiting list pick their babies: At 6 weeks of age, I take photos of each baby and load them onto a word document with a description and price next to each babies photo’s. I email the word document to each buyer in the order of the waiting list. The buyer than responds to the email and lets me know which baby they have chosen. I then delete that baby off the word document and send remaining photos to the next person on the waiting list. This process takes only a few days to complete and is the most efficient and fair way for people to choose their bunnies. Buyers are notified in advanced, so they know when to expect the document to be emailed to them. They are encouraged to choose as quickly as possible as to not hold up the process and not keep excited buyers waiting to choose their bunny!

I DO NOT sell any breed of rabbit for under $100. Rabbits tend to be impulse buy pets much like kittens and other small pocket pets. One way to prevent my rabbits from going to impulse buy families is by not selling them for under $100. This ensures that a buyer has put thought into the purchase and can also afford supplied and care after purchase.


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Baby from past litter
Baby from past litter

Ellie McGinnis

Lexington, Kentucky