About the Breeder


Hello, I’m Ellie! A small scale Mini Plush Lop, Lionhead, Holland Lop and English Angora breeder located in Lexington Kentucky. My husband and I work together to care for all of our rabbits. I am originally from Washington state where I participated in 4-H showing and raising Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops and Mini Rex rabbits. My proudest 4-H moments were winning grand champion in fit and show with a sable point Netherland Dwarf and when one of my black Mini Rex bucks I bred myself won “Best of Breed” at a local rabbit show.

I moved to Kentucky in 2012 and was excited to get back into the rabbit industry and was planning on specializing in Holland Lops and Mini Rex. While searching for quality breeding stock I stumbled upon the Mini Plush Lop, a very unique, rare and beautiful new breed of rabbit! I love the sweet looking lopped ears and size of Holland Lops and have always found a Mini Rex’s fur irresistible. So, naturally I was hooked the first time I met a Mini Plush Lop which combines those two traits beautifully.


For my husband and I, this is a hobby and not our full time jobs (even though it feels that way at times!) I pride myself in responsible breeding. I maintain a very clean and organized indoor climate controlled rabbtiry with very healthy, happy rabbits. Each have names not numbers, each receives care specific to their individual needs and every single bunny in my barn is a loved pet. I believe it is my personal responsibility to take excellent care, not only of each of my rabbits but the breed as a whole.


Mini Plush Lops are a new breed and in my opinion a very special one. There are very few people breeding, improving and maintaining this breed which is why I do my best to take great care if each of my rabbits. I have an open-door policy meaning I don’t mind visits from potential buyers. I Appreciate people coming by to see where their bunnies are raised and the care they receive!


My first rabbit 

Fit & Show at the Fair

Mini Plush Lop and I

Some Rabbit Show Winnings