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August Mini Plush Lops Headed Home

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Ellie's Rabbitry had 16 little Mini Plush Lop's headed off to their new homes over the last couple of weeks! It's so fun to see people come to meet their new bunnies that they have been excited about for months. Some people have names already picked out, others want to see their bunnies in person before deciding on a special name. We try to take photos of all the Mini Plush Lops headed home and post them on our Facebook page to keep our followers engaged and posted on what's going on. If your coming to Ellie's Rabbitry to pick up your new Mini Plush Lop, or if your going anywhere else to pick up your new pet, here are a few things to remember before coming! 

- Transport Cage: This can be a cat pet carrier from Wal-Mart or even better, a rabbit transport cage from KW cages! We love the KW cages because they have a pan under the cage, so if your bunny uses the bathroom it will drop into the pan instead of sitting on the bottom of the carrier where your new bunny might sit in it. 


- Water Bottle: If your going on a drive home that will take more than an hour or so, it's always a good idea to bring a rabbit water bottle for your bunny to drink from on the way home.

- Don't forget Payment! We do not let people leave with their new bunnies until they have been paid in full. We accept cash in exact change, or through the PayPal app. on your phone. We just ask to see the payment confirmation page before you leave. 

If you can remember your cage, water bottle and final payment, then picking up your new Mini Plush Lop should be a breeze! Below is a photo of a Mini Plush Lop that recently went home!

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