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Mini Plush Lop

           Welcome to Ellie’s Rabbitry - specializing in true Mini Plush Lops, one of the most unique, rare and beautiful rabbit breeds that SHED LESS! Also breeding Holland Lops, Lionheads and English Angora! 

         Located in Lexington Kentucky, Ellie's Rabbitry ships to the lower 48 United States. We strive to produce healthy, friendly, quality Mini Plush Lops with exceptional body confirmation, fur and color. Mini Plush Lops are papered specialty pets prized for their velvet like fur, small size and docile temperament.

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August 2021 Holland Lops

August 2021 Lionheads

August 2021 Mini Plush Lops  

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Site Updated on 4/5/2021

Please See Sales Agreement for General Pricing info: Sales Agreement 

Mini Plush Lop

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Open Door Policy

Ellie's Rabbitry has an open door policy, meaning buyers are able to come to the rabbitry to pick up their babies! We appreciate people coming by to see where their bunnies are raised and the care they receive. We do want to stress that our rabbitry is not a petting zoo. We love to have people that are seriously considering a bunny to come during summer months. Visits by appointment only. Our rabbitry is closed to visitors during the fall and winter due to busy work schedules. Only those coming to pick up their rabbits are permitted to come through the fall and winter. 


Spay/Neuter Contract

All Mini Plush Lop buyers sign and agree to a Spay/Neuter contract. It is required to have your Mini Plush Lop Spayed or Neutered within 7 months of their birthday. This contract will be enforced.

See Sales Agreement page for detailes and full contract.


Ellie's Rabbitry Ships!

Don't Live close to Lexington, Kentucky? Ellie's Rabbitry ships throughout the lower 48 United States! See "Shipping a Rabbit Page" under "Purchasing A Rabbit" tab.

Mini Plush Lop
Mini Plush Lop
Mini Plush Lop
Mini Plush Lop
Mini Plush Lop
Pick Up

A buyer has 2 weeks from the wean date to pick up their new bunny. If this is not possible, a daily charge will be required to cover expenses neccisary to care for their rabbit. Payment is required on day 15 passed the wean date or the rabbit will be offered to the next person on the

waiting list. 

See Sales Agreement for more details

Non-Refundable Deposits

To reserve a rabbit of any breed, a non-refundable deposit is required. We cannot promise a rabbit to a potential buyer unless a deposit is recieved. All rabbits are first come first serve. Deposits can be provided via PayPal or check by mail.

See "How to place a Deposit" page

Contact Ellie's Rabbitry

(859) 457-7769


We get several phone inquiries per day, if you call please leave a message if we do not pick up the phone!

Email works best!

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