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Rabbit Pricing 

Quality Care Means Quality Bunnies


Our bunnies live in a custom made, temperature-controlled building and receive the best feed and medical care. Our standard of care comes at a higher cost, but produces healthy, quality rabbits.

Prices below are non-negotiable. Non-refundable deposits are required to be put on one of our waiting lists and that amount goes towards your rabbit's total price. Please see the "How to Place a Deposit" page for details on deposits. 

Mini Plush Lop Pricing 

Average price range: $350-$450

Mini Plush Lops are on a Spay/Neuter Contract

Mini Plush Lops are a rare specialty breed prized for their small size, temperament and unique fur that sheds less! They are the best option for families that tend to be allergy prone. 


Prices vary depending on each individual Mini Plush Lop rabbit. Some are born with more unique colors and desirable traits. Some have higher fur quality or exceptional body type which also plays role in determining a Mini Plush Lops price. Sizes also vary, smaller rabbits are more desirable. 

Prices are determined around 7 weeks of age. Every litter is different, and it is very difficult to determine quality, size and color before 7 weeks of age. We may advertise litters to be in a certain price range, but it is always subject to change after seeing how kits mature. We can only estimate what a litters cost will be based off previous litters born to a particular pairing of rabbits.


Occasionally we have pricing specials posted on our Facebook page. If we have discounted rabbits for any reason they are offered for sale via Facebook, they are not offered to everyone on the waiting list, as this would take days and lots of work to reach out to every person in the order of the list. So, follow Ellie’s Rabbitry on Facebook for special offers!

Holland Lop Pricing

Holland Lops are $200 -$225


Holland Lops are $200 - $225. Bunnies with blue eyes or exceptional confirmation are usually $225. All of our stock comes from show quality lines and go home with full pedigrees. We do occasionally have discounted rabbits that are advertise on Ellie's Rabbitry's Facebook page, so give Ellie's Rabbitry a follow to see any discounted bunnies. Discounted rabbits are usually due to ears that don't completely fall or if they have been looking for a home for an extended amount of time. 

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