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December 2023 Holland Lops
(Price shown reflects a discount of $50 to make room for new litters!)

Available Bunnies

Page Updated on 2/21/2024

If you would like to reserve one of the available bunnies below or hop on a future waiting list
you can place a
deposit by clicking


To reserve a rabbit, please click here to place a deposit. Read deposit directions carefully and be sure to follow up with an email! After placing a deposit, be sure to check out the rabbit care page by clicking here. This page has a supplies list and recommendations for your new bunny!

#13 Harlequin Holland Buck $150


#14 White Eared Tri Holland Doe $125

#7 Torte Holland Doe $100

Available Mini Plush Lop Adults 

This is Cookie  $150
Cookie is cuuuute! She recently retired from being a mom. Bunnies can live to be 12 years old. At 3 years old, Cookie has lots of life left to live as someone’s special pet. Cookie is a flashy, tri colored Mini Plush Lop. She likes hopping in her play pen and she loves carrots. Once you win Cookie over she lets you sit her in your lap and give her lots of pets. Cookie is used to dogs and cats. I like my retired adults to go to homes with adults or older children so they can relax! 


This is Lacy - $150
Lacy is from one of my European imports. She’s kinda fancy but doesn’t want to brag about it! Lacy is retiring from being a mom at 2 years old. Bunnies can live to be 12, so she has plenty of life left to live! Lacy is a harlequin Mini Plush Lop that loves the cardboard center of toilet paper rolls! She likes to flip them around and it keeps her busy for hours. Lacy would be a very entertaining, sweet pet. She’s used to dogs and cats. I prefer my adults to go to homes with adults or older children so they can relax and have an easy transition to a new home. 

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