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Available Bunnies

All Photos below are available Bunnies from the June 2022 litters
Please send an e-mail with any questions or
click here to place a deposit. If placing a deposit on a particular bunny, please send a follow up email with the number of the bunny you would like to reserve! Directions and email address are on deposit page.  All bunnies are first come first serve. 

Page Updated on 6/19/2022


Mini Plush Lops

Mini Plush Lops are a rare specialty breed with fur instead of hair that shed less! There are only a handful of breeders in the country that still have real Mini Plush Lops with undiluted lines descended from the original herd created by Devie D'Aniballe. These small, friendly, incredibly velvety soft bunnies are an excellent choice for those who tend to have allergies and those who want a quiet indoor pet. Some of these available babies are offspring from some of our imported European Plush Lops from Luxembourg. 


14. Blue Eyed White Doe – Mother: Oreo

$350 due at Pickup


I don’t get blue eyed whites very often! I was excited when I realized her coloring at a few days old! Her pictures turned out a bit dark, but her eyes are a very bright, striking blue. Rabbits are very clean animals and are excessive about grooming. Unlike white cats and dogs, white bunnies don’t turn yellow when they are housed in a clean environment. She will always be a bright, snow white. This girl is gorgeous and looks more like a toy. Big, heavy ears, a nice flat face and excellent fur quality.


Available Holland Lops

All Holland Lops are $200 no matter the color or gender. All go home with full pedigrees and a bag of transitioning feed.

13. Vienna Marked, White eared, Sooty Sable Point Buck


10. Vienna Marked, White Eared, Broken Back Torte Buck - Brown Eyes


9. Vienna Marked, White Eared, Light Harlequin Doe - Brown Eyes


8. Vienna Marked, White Eared Broken Back Torte Doe Brown Eyes


1. Vienna Marked, White Eared Black Torte Doe – Brown Eyes