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Updated: 2/18/2020

Now Taking Deposits For:

Easter 2020 Mini Plush Lops, Holland Lops, English Angora & Lionheads

Please send an e-mail to elliesrabbitry@yahoo.com or give us a call at (859) 457-7769 to inquire about reserving an Easter baby!

Currently Available Rabbits

Blue Eyed Harlequin Mini Plush Lop Buck

This Buck is a beautiful example of what a Mini Plush Lop should look like. He has a nice flat, round face, small compact body and his baby fur is already luscious and velvety smooth. His adult fur is expected to be excellent! He is a little guy and should only weigh about 3 pounds once full grown. He is friendly and seems to really enjoy attention.

Price: $375 

Tri Colored Mini Plush Lop Doe

This Doe has such great color! It's hard to get a tri colored rabbit to have such evenly dispersed copper and black tones, but I knew as soon as her fur started to appear that she would be a special one! She is very inquisitive and curious and has a really cute little personality. Her fur is already very smooth. I expect it to be very smooth, dense and soft as an adult. She will way between 3-4 pounds.

Price: $300

Ruby Eyed White Holland Lop Buck

This ruby eyed white is so pretty! He would be an excellent choice for any breeding program. He comes from show quality parents with impressive pedigrees and he will go home with a full pedigree as well. He has a nice flat, round head and great confirmation. I had a hard time getting him to stack and pose, but he is built correctly. He is a beautiful snow white with a crown that is slowly starting to widen. His ears will fall in the next month or so. 

Price: $50