Shipping Rabbits


Ellie's Rabbitry has shipped bunnies all over the United States. From California and Washington to Florida and New York. Shipping is expensive, but very doable and easy.

Car Transport by U-Ship


U-Ship is a great option and is sometimes less expensive than flying.  Below is a link to U-Ship's animal transport age. They do not have a rabbit shipping option, so use the cat shipping option as it works the same. U-ship can be used all year round unlike flying which can only be done during the cooler months. The easiest way to describe Uship is it's like Uber for animals and other things like furniture and appliances. The people that transport animals typically stick to animals and specialize in it, so your rabbit is in good hands. Independent transporters use the Uship platform to find jobs. Because they are independent and work for themselves, their prices all vary a bit. You will have to create an account and place a bid and then wait for a shipper to respond and say they would like the job of transporting your rabbit. It's easy and my customers have has great luck using it! It may take a few days to find someone going on a route that goes through Kentucky and then to your location. The longest it has ever taken to find transport was 8 days. The cost of a cat pet crate, water bottle, bedding and food bowl will be added to your balance as these items are required to ship with U-ship. I am not responsible for any bunnies after they leave my possession.


Because of heat restrictions, we can only ship Delta and American in the fall and Winter months. November - April.


Delta Pet Cargo or American Airlines

When shipping using Delta Pet Cargo or American Airlines, no matter what part of the country the rabbit is being shipped to, the shipping cost is generally the same which is around $450 -$475. All rabbits leave Bluegrass Airport in Lexington, Kentucky. Ellie's Rabbitry is not responsible for the shipping expenses if a customer decides to return a rabbit. If the rabbit is less than 6 months of age or has not been spayed or neutered, it is required that the rabbit is promptly returned at your expense per the sales agreement. 

Shipping Includes:

* A one way ticket to your bunny’s destination via Delta or American Airlines

* An airline approved heavy duty shipping crate

* Food and water dishes

* Pre-flight vet check

* Veterinarian signed paper work ensuring animal was sound and healthy before flight

If I have multiple bunnies being shipped I will coordinate a day that works for all buyers so they can be shipped on the same date. Please be flexible as I make arrangements with the other buyers. Rabbits have to go to the vet within 10 days of being shipped and tickets can be purchased only 14 days before shipping so it is vital for a potential customer that is considering shipping to understand that they may have to take off work in order to pick up their bunny. It is impossible to schedule a perfectly convenient day to ship a rabbit for everyone.

If your considering multiple rabbits, I can put two in one crate. The only thing that is doubled is the $60 vet fee. 

Delta will only ship rabbits if it is under 85 degrees in Lexington as well as the rabbits final destination. Summer shipping is not always an option.

I can only ship to the lower 48 states.

Rabbits must be at least 10 weeks old before shipping.

Deposits When Shipping Rabbits

Ellie's Rabbitry is not responsible for shipping expenses if a customer chooses to return their rabbit. If rabbit's are no longer wanted before 6 months of age or have not been spayed/neutered yet than they must be returned to Ellie's Rabbitry.  

The normal deposit amount is required to be put on the waiting list, the remaining balance of the rabbit must be provided before the rabbit goes to the airport. The full amount of the shipping expense (approximately $450) must be paid before I purchase the airline tickets and crate. I purchase the ticket and crate two weeks before the rabbit is shipped. Delta will not refund pet tickets, therefore I must have the shipping amount before I purchase the tickets and crate. I will work closely with customers planning to ship a rabbit to make sure it’s an easy process. I don’t let freshly weaned babies fly, they get to stay at the rabbitry an additional two weeks to make the flying process less stressful for them. 

As soon as I drop a bunny off at the airport and it is no longer in my care, it is now the buyers responsibility. I cannot monitor or take responsibility for anything that happens to your bunny once it is no longer in my possession. I cannot guarantee a safe flight for your bunny. I cannot refund a buyer, nor can I replace a bunny that does not make it to their final destination. Again, I prefer bunnies to be picked up at my home, shipping a bunny is at the buyers risk. I cannot refund a shipped bunny for any reason. Bunnies are certified healthy before shipment. There are health risks to the rabbit when shipped including the possibility of stress induced diarrhea which can be fetal if not treated by a vet. This rarely happens, and I have not had a rabbit die or become ill from being shipped thus far.