Shipping Rabbits

Ellie's Rabbitry has shipped bunnies all over the United States. From California and Washington to Florida and New York. Below are four methods of transport to look into.


Call Your Pet Taxi!

Leslie and Christina are independent pet transports. Give them a call first to receive a quote - they are typically the leasr expensive and in my opinion, favorite method to transport.

Phone: 580-606-0226


Traveling Via American or Delta Airlines


Shipping by air is very efficient, safe and fast. It's also very expensive! Shipping expenses alone, not including the rabbit is typically around $580. Cost has gone up significantly since Covid. A health certificate is required when shipping by air. Rabbits can be shipped to the lower 48 United states and cost is the same. I cannot ship out of country or to Alaska or Hawaii. 

Ellie's Rabbitry has shipped bunnies all over the United States. From California and Washington to Florida and New York. 

Traveling by car by U-ship or by CitizenShipper

Rabbits being transported via U-ship are not required to have vet paper work to travel. Upon request, I can take a rabbit to the vet for proof of health before leaving on their trip. A vet check-up and health certificate is $75 per bunny. Rabbits do not leave my Rabbitry unless they are healthy! But, when being transported by a third party, I am not responsible for anything that may happen to the rabbit once it leaves my possession. The warranty in my sales agreement is void when using a third party transporter.

On top of what is charged by U-ship or CitizenShipper, I will also need to purchase a pet crate, bedding, food bowl and water bottle for your bunny to be transported in. This cost will be added to your balance. 

- When shipping a single rabbit that will be traveling 1.5 days or less, a small crate is sufficient. Cost for all supplies is approximately $45

 - When shipping a single rabbit with a drive time of over 1.5 days or when shipping two rabbits, a medium crate will be needed.               Approximate cost of a medium crate and other supplies is approximately $60

Car Transport by U-Ship


Below is a link to U-Ship's animal transport page. Click the link below and you can fill in some info and get a quote. They do not have a rabbit shipping option, so use the cat shipping option as it works the same. You will need to e-mail me for my address to get an accurate quote.


My e-mail is:


Keep in mind that there are no vaccinations or rabies shots for rabbits. You can either check yes to all or leave blank. When corresponding with the independent transport you choose to use through U-ship, let them know that rabbits to not have vaccinations. 


U-ship can be used all year round. The easiest way to describe U-ship is it's like Uber for animals and other things like furniture and appliances. The people that transport animals typically stick to animals and specialize in it, so your rabbit is in good hands. Independent transporters use the U-ship platform to find jobs. Because they are independent and work for themselves, their prices all vary a bit. You will have to create an account and place a bid and then wait for a shipper to respond and say they would like the job of transporting your rabbit. It's easy and my customers have had great luck using it! It may take a few days to find someone going on a route that goes through Kentucky and then to your location. The longest it has ever taken to find transport was 8 days. The cost of a cat pet crate, water bottle, bedding and food bowl will be added to your balance as these items are required to ship with U-ship. I am not responsible for any bunnies after they leave my possession.

Car transport by CitizenShipper

Another method of transport is CitizenShipper! Just like with U-ship, I will need to by a crate, water bottle, food bowl and bedding for the trip. For the best quote, I would consider creating an account and placing a bid with both U-Ship and Citizenshipper.

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