Our Mini Plush Lops

At Ellie's Rabbitry we strive to produce the highest quality Mini Plush Lops with excellent confirmation, impressive fur quality and of course, personalities that make a perfect family pet. Our selective and intensive breeding program has continued to produce animals that sets our rabbitry apart from all others. Our herd is entirely made up of direct decedents of Devie D'Anniball's Mini Plush Lop herd. We continually work on improving and perfecting the perfect story book bunny. 

Below are photos of some of our Mini Plush Lop's! Confirmation, fur quality, size and personality are always the most important, but we can't help but enjoy breeding for blue eyes and unique colors, too!

Stella - Tri Doe

Coco - Broken Chocolate Doe

Magnolia - Blue Fawn Harlequin Doe

Navy - Vienna Blue Eyed Harlequin Buck

Lilly - Blue Fawn Otter Doe

Opal - Black Vienna Blue Eyed Doe

Charlie - Broken Black Tort Buck

Feline - Blue Fawn Harlequin Doe

Indigo Jr. - Broken Blue Buck

Pippa - Magpie Doe

Vienna - Vienna Seal Otter Doe

Kyra - Harlequin Doe

Panzie - Black Otter Doe

Cyan - Vienna Harlequin Doe

Della - Smoke Pearl Doe

Jack - Sable Point Buck

Boots - Broken Black Otter Doe

Cole - Harlequin Buck

Pepper - Broken Black

Dolly - Siamese Sable Doe

Topaz - Blue Eyed White Buck

Olivia - Black Otter Doe

Iris - Blue Doe

Blue - Vienna Blue Eyed Black

Bambie - Blue Fawn Harlequin Doe

Henry - Harlequin Buck

Mary Gold - Chocolate Doe

Violet - Lilac Doe

Pearl - Astrex Smoke Pearl Doe

Ginger - Black Tort Doe

Blue Belle - Vienna Blue Eyed Siamese Sable

Past Litters

Young Mini Plush Lops have pointy ears and ruffled fur